Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Join My 30 Day Challenge!

Let's be real folks...sometimes life sucks. We love, we break-up. We work, we get laid off.  You pay a bill today, a new one comes tomorrow. You love your kids, but they are giving you problems. We were never guaranteed a perfect, problem free life, but how we "feel" and react to those problems can make a huge difference.

***Warning...the post is Christian-like! If you don't believe, that's ok. I still love you and won't be mad if you stop reading. BUT if you want to know how to get out of a funk, read on!***

One of my little secrets to keep me positive is KLove.  KLove is a Contemporary Christian radio station. The music is awesome - very upbeat! The stories people share help remind me that God is always there, and that there are STILL good people out there.

If I am feeling down or just don't know what to do with myself, I turn on KLove...if it's not already on! It NEVER fails to lift me up and get me dancing! It's seriously on almost 24/7 - unless I'm listening to something educational on YouTube.

My birds even have favorite songs!

One thing the station does is a 30 day challenge! They encourage people to just give the station 30 days and see how their life has changed. It is so awesome to hear people call in telling how their everyday life has changed for the better, or how a certain song stopped them from committing suicide or led them back to their family that they have been estranged from. They have pastors in house if you need prayer.

I'll be perfectly honest, this is where some my charity dollars go every month. I know for a fact my monthly support is helping the station to reach THOUSANDS...maybe more every day!

So, I thought since my coaching business is all about making people feel better about themselves/life and help them move forward into their potential...I would share my little secret and challenge you to try it!

So who is up for the challenge?

Go to KLove and listen there or search to see what channels it is on in your area.

I'm excited to hear how it changes your life!

Until next time- Peace & Love

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